Entries by Stephen Wagner

Let’s take Science out of the Blackbox

How can we explain science in a simple and intelligible way? Of course, we need precision in research and in our publications. This enables us to make progress in the professional world and to distinguish precisely between cause and effect when it comes to important details. But how can we share our research with the […]

Career is less Past and more Future

Most applicants talk more about their past and speak too late about their future job. I experience this time and again in corresponding career coaching sessions – including the Career Days in Düsseldorf and Bonn in September: the trade fair where applicants look for interesting jobs and network with employers in the region. My talks […]

Public Speaking in Cameroon

“Would you like to visit Cameroon?” As Oliver asks me the question, I am surprised. Instinctively, I reply “Yes!” From a purely rational point of view, I am not so sure yet. There are so many things standing against traveling to Cameroon right now. But my endless curiosity and the geographer in me instantly know […]

Time for Change in Science

It is time for change in science: Personality and personal charisma are important key skills for scientists of the future. In times of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence, we need personalities who share their unique passion. Let personality shine through presentations!

Values provide Clarity in Presentations

Values determine our thoughts, emotions and actions. They point to a future of how we would like to be and live. Values control and shape our identity and reveal our personal side. The same applies to the shaping of companies and organizations. Steve Jobs said in 1997, “Marketing is about values.” Values direct you and […]

Use Power to get to the Point with your Presentation

Great visuals capture attention. But the full impact often comes in revealing something surprising about it. At the same time, many people mistake PowerPoint as a script to read content during their presentation. In this blog we will highlight some of the major mistakes using PowerPoint, at the same time demonstrating the real power of […]

What is your Vision for your Project?

You have a bright idea for a new project, but you still need to get approval for funding. How do you present it to your boss or a potential sponsor like the German Research Foundation (DFG) or investors? How to not just convince your audience in a presentation, but even inspire them and win them […]