How can we explain science in a simple and intelligible way?

Of course, we need precision in research and in our publications. This enables us to make progress in the professional world and to distinguish precisely between cause and effect when it comes to important details.

But how can we share our research with the outside world in a way that can be understood by interested non-specialists and even children?

I used to work in paleopedology for a long time … please what is paleopedology?

Pedology originates from the pedon, the soil, i.e., our earth’s surface above the rock. Paleo is everything that happened before the present warm climate period, that is, until the end of the last ice age, just about twelve thousand years ago.

At that time, I found it very exciting to explore such ancient soils and to understand what happened in our nature a long time ago, and how that shaped our planet.

Once I get into the details, I can tell many more stories about my time in research …

That is exactly why I started my business as a trainer and presentation coach, so that scientists and experts like you and me are able to present our research, and our projects in an understandable way and to get to the heart of the most important and interesting information. This can be a classic lecture of 45 or even 90 minutes, or a conference presentation of usually fifteen minutes plus discussion. But it can also mean keeping it short and getting with power to the point in about three minutes. It can also be a crisp summary in just one or two sentences that arouses the interest of our conversation partners before we go into detail.

Only if we are understood can we leave the ivory tower of science and be perceived and respected by the world as experts.

Will you join me in taking science out of the blackbox? I recommend reading my new book “Science Pitch. Present your Research. Get to the Point.”, which will be published in August this year.

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