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Successful Presentations: Speak to share your Expertise

For your successful presentation: Better rhetoric through live seminars and online workshops, personal coaching and with presentation impulses.

I am your trainer and presentation coach for any issue related to speeches and presentations in science, business and international communication. You will reach your individual presentation goals by receiving precise feedback and specific impulses. You will also be able to use your potential and communicate with your audience, so that you are recognized as an expert in your field, in research and business.

Use your potential and the chance to communicate your expertise and at the same time to convince and inspire your audience with your personality.


In seminars and workshops we optimize your appearance with a format that is designed for your particular goals. You will receive first-class feedback and qualified video analyses for your presentations.

Ideal for groups of 4-12 participants – live and online.

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Individual coaching can significantly improve the quality of your presentation. We focus on how you can achieve your goals quickly. You will receive high-quality feedback, including high-quality video analyses for your performance.

This is the ideal format for individual coaching sessions especially for consultants and scientists – from Bachelor/Master to PhD Students, PostDocs and Professors, and for any expert outside research. During the coaching sessions, you will be prepared for future presentations. You will receive practical insights into how you can convince your audience by expertise and with personality, and train your specific presentation.

Coachings are both live and online.

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Presentation Impulses

Everything you need to know as a scientist and expert for convincing presentations: These impulses provide new ideas and practical support for your presentations. This way, you are updated and well informed about the essentials of successful presentations.

For scientists and experts who are keen to take their presentations to a new level – with relevant news and specific tips. (Mailing: biweekly on Wednesdays).

Let’s take Science out of the Blackbox!

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