You train your presentation and stage performance during seminars and receive a bunch of qualified feedback. This training is not off the shelf, but customized for the needs of consultants and scientists. The seminars are ideal for groups of 4-12 participants. I will come to your place!

All seminars can be conducted either inhouse or online.

Successful online presentations

Are you facing the challenge to present online? Do you want to make it a vivid presentation inspiring your online audience?

You probably wonder how you can engage your virtual audience to succeed with your online presentation? No matter whether you are speaking at an internal meeting, during a conference or introducing yourself in an interview: While presenting yourself online, you have to consider completely new aspects compared to a presentation for live audiences.

This online seminar will therefore focus on the most crucial differences between live and online presentations:

Technical equipment that makes sense

  • Meaning of computer/laptop/smartphone
  • Put yourself in the right picture
  • Sound is what makes the music

Design your personal online stage

  • Set up your visible area skillfully
  • Stage yourself successfully online
  • What audience are you talking to?

Voice and body language are different online

  • Your eye contact is more crucial now
  • What comes across from your online voice
  • Impact of mimics and gestures

Keep attention levels of your audience at high level

  • Provide for more variety
  • Bring your story to the point
  • Engage your audience with interaction

This seminar is an online event. It is intentionally designed to be particularly interactive. You can also deliver your presentation and get qualified feedback. It is designed for up to twelve participants.

Success in Networking – Apply your Elevator Pitch

  • Succeed with target-oriented preparation for network events
  • How to contact the right people: From small talk to personal discussion
  • Networking principles: What you should (not) talk about – and how
  • Sales talk: finding common ground and making the right call-to-action

With the know-how from the workshop, you will establish new contacts quickly and to the point. You will also be able to highlight your expertise in a pointed manner as well as to communicate in a more focused and professional way.

Successful Presentations – Speak to create Knowledge

An important speech is coming up and you want to convince your audience. You would like to present your topic in an easy and illustrative way and also act with confidence in the discussion.

In this practical seminar you can test your performance: No matter whether as free speech, with PowerPoint, as poster or with flipchart, you will receive detailed feedback for your presentation. For this purpose, you can bring along a prepared presentation (about 5-10 minutes).

It will be a hands-on training for your body language and voice and also include the following aspects:

  • Display competence and remain confident in the discussion
  • How to use PowerPoint to entertain and add value to your audience
  • Video analyses: qualified feedback for all presentations & practice transfer

…and your stage fright will be history.

This seminar will provide practice-related suggestions to ensure that your presentations are successful on stage. Based on video analyses you will receive qualified feedback for your presentations.

Fascinate with Storytelling in Presentations and Projects

This seminar will provide a short introduction to the basics of storytelling. You will apply essential criteria for developing great stories yourself. You will create them by combining facts and emotions with your personal enthusiasm. In particular, the following aspects are covered:

  • How to create exciting stories in abstracts and publications
  • Create exciting, illustrative and easy-to-understand content
  • Arouse emotions with your personality

You will develop your personal story, listen to story examples from the real world and learn which messages the speakers associate with them. Furthermore, you will use the dramaturgy of lively stories with surprising twists and turns. You can use the stories for speeches, for your personal project and for job interviews alike.

The Intercultural PresentationSpeak to International Audiences

  • Train your body language: Mimics and gestures determine how we think & act
  • How people from different cultures communicate verbally and non-verbally
  • Top 10 tips for successful presentations to international audiences
  • Learn from the world’s best speakers: Outstanding presentations in the 21st century

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