I have never been a fan of David Bowie in his lifetime. But I noticed Bowie back in the 1980s when one of my schoolmates wore a denim jacket with his name on it every day.

However, I only consciously listened to his music when Bowie died eight years ago, on January 10, 2016, shortly after his 69th birthday. I still remember “Spiegel Online” publishing a list of Bowie’s songs we should have listened to. Since then, I haven’t listened to any music as frequently as Bowie’s. Today I am a fan of his timeless music.

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“Would you like to visit Cameroon?” As Oliver asks me the question, I am surprised. Instinctively, I reply “Yes!” From a purely rational point of view, I am not so sure yet. There are so many things standing against traveling to Cameroon right now. But my endless curiosity and the geographer in me instantly know I want to do this!
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It is time for change in science: Personality and personal charisma are important key skills for scientists of the future. In times of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence, we need personalities who share their unique passion. Let personality shine through presentations! Read more

Do you lose your audience once you speak up? Or do you carry them along so they keep a high attention level throughout your presentation? A catchy structure is one of the important aspects you should consider. A strong introduction, an interesting main part and a meaningful conclusion are equally important. Guide your audience by transitions such as emphasized pauses and changing your position on stage. Also add interactions using polls, quizzes, and short discussions. Sometimes surprising twists and turns help.

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Too many people are satisfied with mediocrity. Some people work on themselves becoming better than average. Only a few people take the chance to achieve outstanding and excellent results. This is why I repeatedly see speeches in which the potential for excellence is ignored or disregarded. This is where I will address ten of the […]