The path from being shy to presenting yourself with self-confidence is not an easy one, but a particularly rewarding one. In an interview with Tobi Krick, speaker on the subject of self-confidence, I share how I have developed from a shy student back then to a very self-confident personality nowadays (in German).

Here is a brief outline of the questions addressed in the interview:

  • The journey from a shy to a self-confident person
  • Why it is so important to take your life into your own hands
  • My first presentations and why I love to speak in public today
  • My personal meaning of self-confidence
  • How I learned to develop a new self-image and what the way out of the comfort zone actually means
  • Why it takes courage to set up your own business – and why it pays off

Based on my personal experience, the following criteria were crucial in developing self-confidence: I had to take my life into my own hands. Only then could I tackle my personal goals in a self-determined and conscious way. And only then was it possible to cross my comfort zone and gain new personal experiences again and again. The numerous new impressions I have gained since my time as a student contributed towards developing my personality.

Another key factor was that after my first participation in public speaking trainings, not all presentations were immediately successful. Theoretical knowledge is one thing, while it is completely different to apply and implement it piece by piece. Many constructive and critical feedbacks for my presentations and the never-ending motivation to work on my skills were also crucial. This was even a prerequisite in order to raise my presentations to a permanently high quality level. Today I pass on this experience in my own trainings and coaching sessions, which are often limited in time.

As a self-confident person I know my personal strengths and potential very well. Only people who are aware of their strengths can use them in a targeted manner. Regular and goal-oriented mental training acts as a vital booster here. My inner willingness to be able to change has paved my way from employee to a self-employed person. My next steps may include thinking and acting like an entrepreneur and one day hiring employees myself. This is just one of many examples of how we can gain new perspectives and develop our personal self-image through deliberate change. Read more about how you can develop self-confidence and becoming a convincing speaker.

What is decisive is concrete execution: the courage to move forward instead of waiting pays off in many cases in the long run. Only through my own courage have I been able to develop my self-confidence. That was and is the basis for my happiness and satisfaction today – with all the challenges that I too have to master again and again.

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