You train your presentation and stage performance during seminars and receive a bunch of qualified feedback. This training is not off the shelf, but customized for the needs of consultants and scientists. The seminars are ideal for groups of 4-12 participants. I will come to your place!

Successful Presentations – Speak to create Knowledge

Are you preparing your Conference Speech, PowerPoint or Poster presentation for a conference or colloquium? Or are you presenting your next lecture or seminar moderation in the near future?

  • Train your vocal skills and body language
  • Highlight speech competence and advance in the discussion
  • Use PowerPoint for real entertainment: Support content with visual information
  • Video analyses: Expert feedback to your presentation
  • …and stagefright becomes history

Success in Networking – Apply your Elevator Pitch

  • Succeed with target-oriented preparation for network events
  • How to contact the right people: From small talk to personal discussion
  • Networking principles: What you should (not) talk about – and how
  • Sales talk: finding common ground and making the right call-to-action

The Intercultural Presentation – Speak to International Audiences

  • Train your body language: Mimics and gestures determine how we think & act
  • How people from different cultures communicate verbally and non-verbally
  • Top 10 tips for successful presentations to international audiences
  • Learn from the world’s best speakers: Outstanding presentations in the 21st century

Fascinate with Storytelling in Research & Project Reports

  • Share exciting stories in your abstracts and publications
  • How storytelling transforms content into understandable and exciting facts
  • How to include your personality in research and project reports

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