Upon request I can present essential parts of my trainings as a speech and/or keynote.

Are you interested in a speech for your event? You can contact me directly via e-mail or phone.

Create knowledge while speaking

You are an expert on your subject, eager to communicate your topics in a competent and vivid way. Get to the point and learn more about aspects of successful speeches, so your audience will understand both you and your topic:

  • How do I let my personality shine in speeches?
  • What kind of message do I want to transport?
  • How does speech style contribute to content and understanding?

Hear more details about how you can generate additional knowledge while speaking both within and outside your science community.

The Science Story

We may recall lectures and seminars during our time as students, or remember conference speeches since we became PhD students. But which sessions did we like to attend, and when did we learn the most out of it? I bet these are the presentations combining both professional knowledge and personal stories, and transporting messages with visual images. But how can we develop individual “Science Stories”? And how can we convey our speech topic by storytelling in a competent and authentic, yet credible way? I will reveal specific insights in my speech “The Science Story”.

Success in Networking

Networking is the big talking point at present. But how can we make and cultivate new contacts which are interesting and valuable for both sides? Do we know the interests of our dialog partners, and do we come across as being understood? Networking is much more than brief smalltalk and a quick exchange of business cards. Networking consists of continuous give-and-take.

In this lecture, I will discuss essential aspects for success in networking and launch eye-catching examples from science, business and spare time.

Additional Topics

Are you interested in a specific topic? Upon request I may present issues closely related to my trainings:

  • Successful presentations with a script
  • How we are motivated by receiving constructive feedback
  • Short and crisp – spontaneous presentations made easy
  • Mentoring cultivates and stimulates our talents

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