Communicating knowledge

Successful presentations are a cornerstone of personal and career development. You can underline your expert status by expressing yourself intelligibly, sharing your expert knowledge in a comprehensive way and radiating sympathy in one-to-one talks.

At present there is an increasing number of scientists presenting more than just technical facts and figures. Research and teaching become more attractive once we share facts as part of vivid narratives, not least because new presentation formats such as Pecha Kucha and Science Slam have been developed in recent years.

I am your trainer, mentor and consultant for any issues around lectures and presentations in research, teaching and practical knowledge. You will reach your individual presentation goals by receiving specific, customized ideas and tips. You will be able to use your potential and communicate with your audience, so that you are recognized as an expert in your field of research.


You train your presentation and your performance during seminars and receive a bunch of qualified feedback.  Rather than getting an off-the-shelf training, you will receive a training especially customized for your particular needs. The seminars are ideal for groups of 4-12 participants with a consultant or science background.


This is the ideal format for individual coaching sessions especially for consultants and scientists – from Bachelor/Master to PhD Students, PostDocs and Professors. During the coaching sessions, you will be prepared for future presentations. You will receive practical insights into how you can convince your audience by expertise and with personality, and train your specific presentation.

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